Guest Post: Undergraduate Research Experience

Guest post from Syeda Mahmood, undergraduate research assistant:

My role as an undergraduate research assistant included creating activities which would incorporate computational thinking skills, circuitry, and arts & crafts. At the end of every lesson, the girls would have a variety of colored paper, stencils, felt, etc to be creative and create something that not only highlighted their circuitry knowledge and computational skills, but their identity as well. It was incredible seeings girls grow more curious about circuitry through the course of the summer and see how each of them uniquely incorporated what they learned into their expressive art pieces! Another fun part of the camp was when the girls went to MakerWorks, where we learned to use Arduino to control things like turning on and off a little fan. Here, the girls displayed great interest in being challenged and were able to answer the instructor’s questions about circuitry. At the end of our session, we were given a tour around the entire maker-space! All in all, it was wonderful to see girls excel and enjoy the camp.